OPEN Bodywork is a refreshing and artful approach to manual therapy based on the principles of movement, touch physiology, and modern pain science. It creates an engaging and interactive space between the client, the practitioner, and the goal of a session. This is accomplished by simplifying perspectives instead of perpetuating unnecessary, overly complicated, and often outdated concepts.

Here is just a taste of what OPEN Bodywork offers you


  • *A clear understanding of how tactile feedback interacts with the central nervous system to bring about lasting changes.*


  • *Immediate, actionable methods to achieve profound, yet painless impact with minimal exertion.*


  • *Enhanced ease in practice by learning to leverage your unique physicality, allowing for effortless and fluid applications.*


  • *You will embody the nuances of non-verbal communication via touch, while keeping in tune with current research.*


  • *OPEN Bodywork is self-care and a tool for greater body awareness that feels as good for the giver, as it does for the receiver.*


There is no “routine”.

The OPEN Bodywork process is efficient, effective, and mutually beneficial.
It's been designed to nourish your career longevity and help YOU feel good, too.
Just bring your curiosity to the table and make it your own.

Here’s what participants have to say

“As a new practitioner of Massage Therapy, I found OPEN Bodywork to be transformative to my education, approach in client treatment and even personal philosophy. Having so many questions not simply met with just an answer, but with an unbiased and critical lens, is what made it all tangible for my practical use. I have had better results when considering the Nervous System before addressing the client’s chief complaint directly. Now, it’s the only way I choose to work. I only wish I could have come across this kind of information at the start of my academic career. Thank you so very much Tania!”  -Lexi A., NYC


“Thank you so much for that class again! I loved it. My technique has changed. My patients love it.” -Olya F., NYC


“I would like to thank you for your workshop that helps me to understand how important my body mechanics, movement and flow are during my session. All those concepts and practical techniques I have learned from you are so tremendous to improve as well as adapt along with any modalities that I apply. I’m certain to keep practice this techniques in the future.”  -Tippy R., NYC


“​Learning from and studying with Tania has shaped the way I approach massage therapy. Her years of experience are matched only by her investment in evidence-informed, ever-evolving research as it applies to manual therapy. Tania’s insatiable appetite for continued learning is contagious. She is constantly exploring with you — encouraging curiosity and ways for MTs to feel comfortable in their own bodies. Tania is enthusiastic, a skilled communicator, and provides quality feedback that is both easy to integrate and delivered with compassion.”
-Kate N., NYC



OPEN Bodywork recognizes we are moving and working  with distinct individuals, not merely doing something to them.The handholds and body positionings are not dictated by protocols and are easily integrated into any existing practice. We achieve depth without discomfort with applications that are precise, playful, and thoughtful.


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Hello and thank you for your interest in OPEN Bodywork.

I'm happy you're here and am looking forward to having you in class in the near future, after the threat of COVID-19 has passed.

[Click the X in the upper right corner or anywhere outside this urgent message box to enter the website.]

On March 12, 2020, I made the very difficult, but ethically moral decision to postpone classes until it is deemed safe again by the CDC.

They are paused until June because I care about the health of my students, our clients, our loved ones, and our neighbors. And because I honor the work of our medical heroes on the front lines. We must each do our part to help #flattenthecurve. With that, we will get through this.

Please be aware that even with the most stringent sanitization practices there is no safe, ethical, risk-free way for ANY professional to be practicing or teaching hands-on at this time, no matter what you might hear otherwise from someone else.

It's a matter of professional integrity right now to making sure we are each part of the solution and not the problem, and standing for health and safety above all.

We're all feeling this, but once we're out of this tunnel I know we'll each have a new found deep appreciation for compassionate human connection and skilled touch. I never realized how much I could miss giving something that has always been second nature to me, because I've never had to miss it in this way.

I love what I do, and what WE do, more than ever and am eager to share it again. I miss my people and I miss being able to communicate with others in my favorite non-verbal language. I miss being able to exchange a simple hug.

I hope you're keeping well and safe indoors, while caring for your body and mind in the best way possible for the time being. When these clouds part, the good humans of the world will need reconnection in a way we've never realized before.

And when that time comes, we've got their back.

In the meantime, let's connect here and inspire others to feel better, relieve pain, and ease the stress of these strange times.

Thank you and I am very much looking forward to reconnecting.

Wishing you and your loved ones strong health, resiliency, calm, and hope.
In good faith,